La Familia Ranch


San Luis Obispo, California

4737 Los Osos Valley Rd. (93405)

The La Familia Ranch (our family ranch) is a 680 Acre working cattle ranch, on the Central California Coast, overlooking the Pacific Ocean.  We raise Free-Range Beef Cattle, mostly Angus and Herefords.  We have approximately 100 head give or take a few new calves.

The ranch also has about 200 acres of Prime bottom land (adobe) soils, with about 1/3 irrigated.  The main crops consist of Garbs (Garbanzo Beans), Oat Hay, Pumpkins, and numerous other Truck Crops.  Produce from the ranch is taken to Farmer's Markets almost daily through out the county.

The Pumpkin Patch

(A Seasonal Pumpkin Stand)
The pumpkin stand is quite a hit with the citizens of the county and visited by thousands visitors each year.


Ranch Picture Taken for the Los Osos Valley Road
With our house in the Center and the Higher Ridge of the Irish Hills behind.

This is an extinct volcano, one of seven in Los Osos Valley. Thus, they are called the Seven Sisters. This was taken on the hill across the creek from our house.


We, along our nephew Justin, his dad and our son Shawn have gone into the avocado business. Back in 2002; Justin came out from New York with this idea that would bring income to the ranch. He and a tree growing manger picked out a three acre test plot for avocadoes. Late in 2002, we planted the trees. We had to plant a wind break, because the wind blows a gale down our valley. We also had to have an electric fence installed, because of the cattle.


In 2004, another nine acres were planted behind our house. They are smaller and will take at least two more years to bear fruit.


The first three acres will produce money hopefully fruit later this year. The avocados are organic, that is there are no pesticides or any other chemicals used. The trees in the background are the ones will be producing and making money.



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